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Terms & Conditions

Updating rules on: 2019/04/07

Note: The site administrator can set new rules in accordance with the requirements. So pay attention to the site’s terms and conditions when purchasing a file or making a subscription.

Terms and conditions of use of

Site rights

1 – All content included on this site, such as logos, data compilations, and software, is the property of and protected by copyright laws

2 – The purchase of the file is personal use and the sale or distribution of the file purchased by the user after downloading is against the rules of the site and the has the right to pursue its rights through legal means.


Non-responsibility from the site

1 – The user undertakes to carefully review the specifications placed on the site, along with the content displayed on the site when purchasing the file. then user purchasing the file.

2 – This website is not liable for damages to your device by downloading the file from this site. so be sure to support your device before doing anything or you can take safety precautions. Damages such as including softbreak device, shutting down, losing personal information, causing any bugs.

3 – On this website, a large amount of data is uploaded to the server daily. Most of the official firmware is not tested by us, so we will not be responsible for any damage to your device after the official flash files.

4 – If there is any problem with the file, or the problem with the specifications placed on the files, or the technical problems of the site can be sent to us through the support ticket, we will quickly review the issue and take action to fix it. here

5 – Your Purchase History is stored in your Purchase Panel on your User Panel. If you lose download page after purchase, you can download the file from this page. here

6 – The buyer is obligated to download the purchased file after purchasing the file for 72 hours. For security reasons (preventing downloading a file after purchase by multiple users), after 72 hours the download link expires.

7 – Support after purchase will be 72 hours. The buyer is obligated to report any failures in the file, including a bug in the file, file corruption, failure to download from the site. can be sent to us through the support ticket. After 72 hours of purchase, the user is not supported under any circumstances.

8 – We have no responsibility for the lack of technical knowledge of the user.(when downloading the file or after downloading the file) So we will not have any support on this. Our support is just about the file.


Acceptance of responsibility by the site

1 – Quality assurance and download speeds. (download speeds depend on your isp type, and do not use proxies when downloading.)

2 – Guaranteed uniformity of the file specifications on the download page with the downloaded file. (Site administrators are obliged, if there are any contradiction in file, they must upload the file with the specifications placed on the site immediately. If, in this case, the user requests a refund, then the problem is checked. Then, if the reported problem is confirmed, the amount can be returned.)

3 – Extracting test and technical problem in downloading.(The authorities of this site are obliged, If there is any technical problem in downloading or not extracting the file after downloading, quickly fix the problem. Also, in case of user dissatisfaction, the problem is checked. If the problem is from the site, the user will be allowed to claim the amount paid.)



Purchase terms of subscription

Non-responsibility from the site

1 – The buyer is committed to fully review the contents of the files and subscription profiles. (E.g., the number of days and download restrictions). After review, you can purchase subscriptions for announced dates.

2 – The amount of payment after purchase will not be refunded (for example, regret buying a subscription, not having a file). The user purchases the subscription according to rule # 1 (subscription purchase). Our service is a membership type and the account is activated after payment. The products of this service are digital and the buyer can use the digital product of this service after activating the account. So there are no refunds.

3 – The user undertakes to use the purchased subscription personally. If you visit the vps or multi-user IPs, the authorities of this site will have the right to block the user’s account and no amount will be refunded for any violation of the rules.


Acceptance of responsibility by the site

1 – If there is any problem in downloading or not extracting the file, the authorities of this site are obliged to fix the problem promptly upon request of the user.

2 – The user will be supported by this site after purchasing subscriptions for a specified period of time. The user is allowed to request the required files and the authorities of this site (depending on the responsibility) will try to prepare the required file. (Attempts to procure can fail, so there is no objection to the inability to provide data)

3 – Site administrators need to make site and site information available to the user during the subscription period. If the site is not available for more than 7 days, the user is authorized to request a refund for the remaining days. In this case, the amount of days used is deducted from the payment amount, and the rest is returned to the account.